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Create Value Then Win Respect

    The most peculiar and majestic scenes in the world are always in the dagerous and Precipitous places where the appearances of human being are raer,wihtout dauntless courage and determination one cannot conquer them. 

     The key values:Creating value,gaining respect,Reating value,gaining respect the material value and spiritual value of the staff,the company the customers and the society, While the staff is realizing their own material value and spiritual value,the company is also relizing its own material value and spiritual value; meanwhile the ,society is creating wealth, The wealth reflects the value of the staff and the company ,The commpany is the stage and the only way for the staff's realizing of their own value because the value that is created by the staff must be realized through the company's asssembling. the value that is created by the company must be realized through the society and the market. and the realizing of this value is judged through the raise of the wealth and the society status of the company.Meanwhile ,the value is given back to the staff through the company,which is regarded as the material repayment and the spiritual repayment for the staff'spersonal value. 
Consequently,personal values and company values are combined together to be an integration, which maker the staff and the company be of satisfaction,superiority and success both materially and spiritually. 

     Since the establishment of the company,it has pushed on the development strategy of talented person emphatically, it has reformed the stock system in the company in order to realize the common expectation ----let the administrator own the stock; 
let the able person own the positon; let the labors own the benefit, The company will create a sound stage for the whole staff's development and provide the staff with superior material support for life. Putting talents to full use and making most of things, the company will try to let the whole staff display their brilliance on the career freely, made them be well-off economically and be of both superiority and success spiritually. Let's combine the hard work and effort of the company and the staff together,which means improving the staff's welfare persistently......