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Enterprise culture
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Healthy, Safety, Environmental protection 
Keep in mind of the lofty ideal, be innovative and enterprising, never stop pursuing. 

 HUARUI industry Co.,Ltd. has attached importance to the health of the staff for several years. strictly according to the Rule of Occording to the Rule of Occupational Health Supervisal, the enterprise carries out much work on the occupational sanitation  which guarantees the staff's health. Such as intensifying the management on the occupational sanitation field; 

  Strengthening the inspection and supervisal on the poisonous and harmful posts; setting warning sign for the harmfulness of occupational disease on working field; publishing the inspection result to the staff regularly; doing occupational health physical examination regularly with the staff who contact with poisonous material. we will keep on carrying out the rule of occupational disease prevention & treatment; go step further to standardize the management of occupational sanitation; 

  Consolidate fundamental work; build up long-acting institutin about the health management; push on the safe management positively; transform from preventing accidental mainly to bettering the occupational health management comprehensively and make occupational safety & health be foremost. Hua Rui Industry Co.Ltd. attaches much importance to manufacturing safety. it pursues making safety be foremost, giving first place to precaution, lettingwhole staff partcipate in, furnishing comprehensive administration, Holding the whole-staff,whole-course, omni bearing and all-weather safety management principle, the enterprise has set up a series of system, such as safety management & institution, manufacturing lincense system and safety comfirmation system, which provides practicable guarantee on personnel, capital,facilities,estc..it arranges yearly safety inspection and inspection for special items in different administration ranks. strictly carrying out the national safety prejudgment system, the enterprise supervises the newly built, rebuilt and extend projects on the simultaneous designing, construction, manufacturing of the safety & fire-fight facilities and the main part of the projects. it strengthens the safety supervisal and management of the key facilities , stimulates precaution and emergency rescue plan for serious accident; meanwhile, it arranges accident rehearsal in order to improve the capability of handling suddenly accident. 

  HUARUI Industry Co.,Ltd. always devotes itself to the harmonious development of economy and environment. it strictly carries out the national environmental protection rule, policy and standard; scrupulously abides by the promise that it has promised the society; comprehensively and deeply performs clean manufacturing; seriously fulfills its social responsibility; tries its best to supply the society the products with safe, reliable and sound quality. Meanwhile,the enterprise pays attention to the environmental protection, cares about the staff'shealth, coordinates the relationships with the nearby communities, all fo which aim at setting up sound impression of the enterprise and carrying out continuous development strategy. 

Long-range Target 
    Taking petroleum industry as the main industry, holding the sale of petrochemical products as the stage, making the storage, wholesale, retail and transportation of the finished petroleum products sa the medium, the company will be developed to be a large petroleum company which is of the first-calss level in the southwest of China. we aim at our oil products will be used in one third of the cars, which run across the plain and mountains and we will supply perfect products and ervice for the cars of all families and persons. meanwhile, we will take it as the foundation and try our best to develop excelent auxiliary industries which owns key competition potency. moreover,we will also develop other different industries, such as office building administration, real estate, taxi, commerce and so on. we will strive to build a comprehensive aggregation company that holds large petroleum company as its dominant industry and is also with excellent auxiliary industries.