Silver Dragon Petroleum Trading Company


  Chengdu Silver Dragon oil Trade Co., Ltd is a holding company of SiChuan Hua Rui Industry Co.Ltd., with which Aviation Oil company of China cooperates. It is mainly engaged in the wholesale,retail,commission store and commission transport business of all kind of petrol, kerosene and diesel oil. Last year,the company sold 180,000 ton finished petroleum products and made a profit more than RMB30,000,000. In order to meet the need of high-speed development of the civil aviation and the West Development, the company has extended a large base occupying 100 mu in shuang Hua Road, which is adjoining to ChengDu-YaAn expressway. The base, which is used for oil products dealing and distribution, is the biggest distribution center for oil in the southwest of China. It is with convenient transportation - in the east, it reaches HuaYang and ChengDu South Extended Road directly; in the west, it reaches Shuangliu Special highway for large-size commodity directly; in the south, it is adjacent to the entrance of ChengDu-YaAn expressway; a 15Km-long underground petroleum pipeline connects the base with ShuangLiu international Airport.


Storage Capacity 
    There are 20 underground oil tanks and the storage capacity is about 48,000 cubic meters, For the restrictiveness of other oil depots that they can only provide oil storage service to their own internal system, the company is the only large-size petroleum company which can provide both sound storage service and supply guarantee to numerous users in ChengDu area.

Load & Unload Capacity 
    The company owns special railway which reaches the oil depot directly. And the special locomotive of its own ensures the tank cars'going in and out at any time. 24 unload sites for petrol and diesel oil can unload oil more than 300 cubicmeters per our. We construct subsidiary company of ChongQing with effort for occuping advantage situationlt takes the golden water route in YangZi river, which cannot only reduce RMB80 per ton for the shipping cost of the finished petroleum products, but also connect with YangZi River basin and other aboard resources passages. And it has created huge advantages fo company in increasing the market portion in ChengDu and ChongQing. 
    The base is equipped with sophisticated calculation, inspection and distribution system,in addition, it is equipped with advanced oil-water separator that is used for aviation oil inspection. The company monitors the fuel oil quality of automobiles and machines according to the standard which is used for the fuel oil quality monitor of aircraft. And the company is the only petroleum company in SiChuan which has passed the ISO9002 Quality Authentication System. The 3 distribution site can transfuse petroleum to 12 oil trucks at the same time and the moximal daily distribution capacity is about 4000 ton.

Deliver Capacity 

    The company will add 30 new oil trucks with large tonnage no later than the end of this year and will set up a motorcade for delivering oil products, which will make the customers feel our sound service when they just stay at home. The company plans to extend 20 mu more on the existing land to build the first deliver center of fuel oil in ChengDu area, which will ameliorate the tense situation of the resources supply for electricity power industry and coal industry in SiChuan province.