SiChuan HuaRui Industry Investment Company

SiChuan HuaRui Industrial Investment Company 

     SiChuan Hua Rui industrial investment Co.Ltd is mainly engaged in industry developing, investing, economic information serving, enterprise combining & purchasing, stock exchanging and mechanical electron developing. the total property of the company is about RMB60,000,000 and the yearly sales income is about RMB80,000,000. while paying close attention to manufacturing and operating ,the company has succeeded in combing many municipal nationalized enterprises in which the company settled the staff properly and reused the deserted property. 

     Now, the company participates in the purchase project of bankrupt enterprises that has been brought into proposal by ChengDu municipal govemment and the advanced preparation in some enterprises has been done. The company got the favorable comment from the municipal govemment and all walks of the society through capital project operation. Since 1997, the company has accumulated rich experience on solving problems, such as the settlement of the staff in reformed enterprises, the reengagement of the staff, the training of the staff, etc. about 1000 persons were settled by the company, among whom no body went to upper administration department to ask for better solution and no contradiction happened, which is a kind of contribution to the stability and unity of the society.