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"The harmony between the sustained and healthy development of the overall living environment demands Huarui and resources, not to hurt each other, there is no danger, hazards and risks; is exempt from the unacceptable risk of damage state. Including staff personal safety, property safety, the safety of fund company, information security, fire safety. 
Interpretation: security is. Safety is the eternal theme of Huarui is core, Huarui; safety culture is the core of enterprise culture. Focus on the cultivation of the spirit and substance of the staff of two kinds of quality of safety culture, safety behavior of all staff to make more standardized, which embodies the responsibility and moral consciousness, achieve intrinsically safe. It contains two aspects: 
Firstly, the safety institution culture. The system is composed of legal form of enterprise culture, the organization form and management form the external culture, it is the backbone and bridges of the enterprise culture. "Safety production management approach" "HSE training management approach" and other system build and perfect, has greatly enriched the company safety management system. 
Secondly, the safety behavior culture. Safety behavior culture include cultural phenomenon generated in the production and management staff, publicity and education activities, interpersonal relationship, cultural and sports activities in the. Can be carried out through in-depth safety experience sharing, knowledge contest, on-site experience exchange form, creating a strong atmosphere, make the safety culture outside of the form. 
As a social person, must have the consciousness of environmental protection, as the Huarui people, must have the consciousness of environmental protection. This is not only a Huarui requirements, is the demand of society. The new "environmental protection law" promulgated and implemented to Huarui larger urge.